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Trevor in the Studio

Fun and Easy to use tools that help teachers and kids
address the social and emotional issues they face every day. 

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The Trevor Romain Transition and Resiliency Program 


Featured Products

Building Level Support Kit
Price: 169. 00 - NEW!! Special Pricing for Start of School
Building Level Support Kit
This Kit provides a group of products to serve the common social and emotional needs of elementary students. Includes Bullying, Cliques, and Homework Activity Kits; Grief Kit; plus the Set of Seven DVDs above.(See individual products for more information)
Poster Bundle
Price: $39.95
Poster Bundle
Choose any six of the Trevor Romain Posters to make a bundle that fits your specific needs.
Three DVD Bundle
Price: 69.95 Special Pricing for Back to School!!
Three DVD Bundle
This Bundle includes "Bullies are a Pain in the Brain DVD"; "Cliques, Phonies, and Other Baloney"; and "How to Do Homework without Throwing UP" above. (See individual products for descriptions).

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