Memory Box

Price: $39.95
Trevor Romain has created a Memory Box for kids, centered on the Parents Choice Gold award-winning animated DVD, What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? Using gentle humor, original music and a compassionate storyline, this DVD passes along practical and helpful advice for kids. Children 6 to 12 are enlightened and encouraged as Trevor’s characters learn how to move towards grief instead of running away from it.

Box Includes:
•  Award-winning DVDWhat On Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? 
• Award-winning bookWhat On Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies? 
•  journal for self expression with original artwork and writing prompts
•  Coco™, a plush toy mouse offering comfort and companionship
• An insightful booklet for caregivers, Helping Children Cope with Loss  (Helping Military Children Handle Loss for Military Requests)
• letter from Coco and set of colored pencils
• All housed in a memory box to protect treasured keepsakes

“The Grief Comfort Kit helps children
express their feelings, gives them
permission to feel good, helps children
know that other kids have experienced
what they’re going through, and that
they will get through this.”

—Courtney Trimmer,
Elementary School Counselor